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We offer both Solidor and Veka Composite doors. Both are very good and very secure. The Bahama Solidor Collection is an outstanding range of industry leading, solid laminate timber core composite doors that combine classical, modern or futuristic styling with a full range of Secured by Design locking, providing a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

With a thickness of 48mm, they are nearly 10% thicker than most alternatives, each unique solid timber core is completely encapsulated within a highly durable plastic edge banding and two thermo plastic door skins, so you will never have to worry about painting or varnishing your Bahama Solidor. These doors are exclusively available in the widest range of styles and frame colour options, (17 colours available) with the option of a mobility threshold, making it the perfect solution for easy wheel or push chair access. A comprehensive range of matching combination frames are available with either glass, matching composite side panel or quarter panels, that will complement the look of any property.

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User recommendation on Checkatrade: ""Went to Bahama having been let down by another traders best decision we made. Great service, brilliant product, could not be happier, definitely recommend." March 2015

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Bahama's Solidor composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards. We hold BSI Kite mark Secured by designaccreditation, BSI ISO 9001 for quality management, BSI EN1279, Pas 23-24 for security and weatherability, CE Marking and a Secured by Design licence. Rest assured that when you choose a Solidor you are enhancing your property with style.

Italia Collection

Solidor Italia door range
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Windsor Range

Solidor Windsor door range
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Thornbury Range

Solidor thornby range
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Beeston Range

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Inside a Solidor Door

Inside a Solidor Door
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Harlech Range

Harlech from £940
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Nottingham Range

Nottingham from £940
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Ludlow Range

Ludlow from Solidor
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Stafford Range

Stafford Solidor door range
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Sidepanels Range

Solidor sidepanels door -range
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Tenby Range

Tenby from £960
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Flint Range

Flint from Solidor
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French Doors Range

Solidor French doors
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Stable Doors Range

Solidor stable door range
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Conway Range

Solidor conway door range
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S0lidor colour optionsChoose from over 10,400 Colour door and/or a frame option


All of our fantastic designs are available in any of our 17 colours inside and/or outside of the door, including industry firsts, Mocha, Rich Aubergine, Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue, French Grey and Irish Oak.

also available with Schwarzbraun, Grey, Cream, Rosewood & Irish Oak, Chartwell Green, Golden Oak, Foiled White and white matched frame. We offer the largest range of colours from stock in the UK. Choose from 18 different frame colour combinations. With Bahama's Solidor, you can mix and match for example: Chartwell Green on White outer frame with Duck Egg Blue on French Grey doors.



Reasons to feel Safe & Secure

We understand, that knowing your home and family are protected, is a major factor when choosing your new doors. You can rest assured that with our door construction, coupled with our unique, reinforced door frame and Secured by Design locking systems, your property will be as safe as can be when you choose Solidor.

To ensure your safety we install Maco Locks on windows and doors but Ultion Key locking barrels for the doors. We also install Winkhaus AV 2 locking for Auto Locking composite doors that do not have an operative handle - such as where they have a bar handle only or just an Escutcheon plate.


The Bahama Solidor has a Solid timber core

The Comparison

Solidor® construction
Solidor construction
• Lead free, 5 chamber profile with 100%
recycled reinforcing.
• Thermally efficient Solid Timber Core.
• Robust through colour thermo plastic skins.
• Realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish.
• Optional integral mobility access aluminium threshold.

A typical foam filled construction

• Only a small section of the door is actually solid.
• Thermally great, but foam filled so not solid, nor secure.
• Gel coated GRP may be strong but it scratches very easily.
• Most other doors have frames containing lead stabilisers.
• The frames are only 3 chambers thick and use valuable steel or aluminium reinforcements.

What does your front door say about you?

Solidor Style Makeover

Other benefits of owning a Solidor include:

Multipoint locking
A wide range of multi-point locking, so whether it is a standard handle operated, night latch and key operated multi or just a key only multipoint locking, security is never compromised.

Double & triple glazed units
Our double and triple glazed units are manufactured to BSEN1279 and are manufactured using 4mm toughened safety glass for our double glazed sealed units and a mixture of laminated glass and toughened glass for our triple glazed sealed units. Both have excellent heat retention properties.

Energy efficient reinforcing
Each door is manufactured using 100% fully recycled door frame reinforcing. As well as superior thermal performance werbar is also super environmentally friendly and out performs steel and aluminium when it comes to screw retention.

High quality furniture
We were the first company to embrace the ProlineA range of door hardware. This selection is highly contemporary and of a premium quality. Care instructions are always included with our letter plates.

Colour fastness guarantee
All of our doors have a guaranteed UV stable colour fastness. All of our Foiled products match, so that the door and the frame match together.

Trisys glazing cassette system
A premium glazing system, where fashion and function were viewed as being equally important. No screw hole plugs - Clean design on both outer and cover frames with classic crown moulding and a hand-crafted appeal. All of our glazing cassettes can re re-glazed if required.