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Bahama 10 year  guarantee

  • 10 year no quibble guarantee on workmanship and all the frames that we install
  • We have traded through 4 lots of 10 year guarantees and nearly finished the 5th having traded for nearly 50 years
  • Virtually all of our local competitors have ceased trading during that time. Try and name a locally established High Wycombe and surrounding areas window company that is still trading as the same business since 1970. We will give £ 20 if you can come up with a name. No one has claimed yet!
  • Our guarantees are backed by Network Veka, recently selected as the best organization for customer protection in the UK.
  • In the event of company failure, your guarantee will be fully insurance protected giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Even your locks, hinges, handles, seals and much more are guaranteed not to fail as long as they have been looked after according to Network Veka guidelines.
  • All installers and surveyors are Veka trained and certified or going through training.
  • Our public Liability and Employers liability insurances are vetted by network Veka every year and consists of £ 5,000,000 or more cover.
  • 5% of all our installations are randomly chosen and physically checked every year by a Network Veka surveyor free of charge to the customer.
  • Our manufacturers guarantee against colour fading as set by industry standards

Maco Secure : If a burglar gains entry through failure of the MACO locking mechanisms on our products, the lock company will reimburse you your insurance excess up to £1,000 and contribute if a replacement product is required. 

Maco secure +: Again, if entry is gained through lock failure and the security situation is urgent, a uniformed officer will attend your home within 2 to 4 hours of call out and repair or replace the locks whilst securing your property. If you are abroad, the officer will deal with the police on your behalf and will not leave your property until it is made secure. Be honest; Can you find a guarantee like this anywhere else outside of a Maco and Veka supplier like Bahama? 

Personal comment from Paul Pixley, Managing Director:

We have learned from personal experience that some guarantees are not worth a jot. As a company, we have had various suppliers let us down over past years, either through products over time or through simply going bust. For example, we were recommended many years ago to be supplied by a company whose glass sealed units misted up internally. Because they would not honour their guarantee, my wife and I had to pay out over £185,000 to fulfill their guarantees so as not to let our customers down. Not one customer complained about our windows, doors or workmanship, yet we had to pay out for all this glass plus finance the labour to replace them, damaging our otherwise excellent reputation along the way through no fault of our own. That was a real set back for us. And this was only one of the companies that let us down. Wouldn't that make you feel angry and let down in my position, let alone the customer affected by this failure.

Having learned our lesson the hard way, we realized that we had to trade with financially sound companies who only supplied top quality products and guarantees.

Ethical companies, were proud of a deservedly substantial reputation, had good training modules for their staff and had a long track record, like Bahama, to prove it. This wasn't an option, but an absolute necessity to avoid future calamities and to protect our customers during the guarantee term and after. Imagine if Sony went bust. Could a local retailer then get your spare Sony parts long term? Of course not! Sony has to be kept going. And they have.

We had to find the Sony equivalent in our industry. And we have.  Veka was the absolute clear winner to protect you and our company. They are the largest privately owned window and door extruder in the world turning over a Billion Euros annually. They are family owned and have millions in the bank. Because of their product quality, they are one of the very few Upvc supply companies that can supply product that will survive the harsh hot climates in the Middle East and outsurvive other products in countries like Poland were temperatures plummet as low as minus 40 degrees. They have recently bought out Bowater building products, making them not only No 1 in the world, No 1 in Europe, but now No 1 in the UK. They have publicly stated their long term commitment to the UK and have backed this by investing heavily, the latest project being the installation of the only automated high tec direct delivery powder feed extrusion line in this country. It is capable of extruding 50 thousand tonnes of powder annually.

Veka was the first to have an "A" rated window in the UK. First to have an old to new window recycling plant. So many firsts we would bore you. Read here for yourself. https://www.ribaproductselector.com/Docs/4/07754/external/COL684748.pdf

They set up Network Veka to protect, you, the customer and to make sure that well designed Veka products are sold, installed and managed to their high standards down the supply chain. Each customer is sent a satisfaction report to complete whereupon installing companies are marked out of 100 on various points. Veka has a proved customer satisfaction rate of 98%.

Who can beat that? If you can't beat them, join them. That's exactly what we did over 15 years ago and haven't looked back since. Ours has been 100% customer satisfaction year after year, seldom dropping below 98%. See the products and judge for yourself. Our well trained sales surveyors can leave you informed and refreshed from an exploratory visit to your home. Let us prove to you the difference and the benefits that you would gain from the Bahama and Veka partnership. Otherwise, please give me a call on 01494 444666 and I will personally answer your questions. Or why not ring for an appointment at our showroom and that way we can put the time aside to concentrate on you and your specific requirements. We can even open up especially for you after hours if time during working hours is tight.

Always remember: "We refuse to take part in high pressure sales - our product and service sells itself......