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High Wycombe Heater for glass room / conservatory

In High Wycombe, as with everywhere in the UK heating is important. Nevermore so than when you want to extend the seasonal use of your outside rooms and conservatories.

Efficient heating and lighting is essential when evenings get a little chillier and darker. Our high-quality solutions provide practical, answers that allow you to live outside even as summer turns into autumn and winter, even if you are situated on a high High Wycombe Hill or deep in a frost hollow..

Roof Panel Colours: The roof panels, both glass and polycarbonate are available in a selection of different tints

Infrared Heaters

We supply a range of infrared wall-mounted heaters that allow you to warm the chilly evening air so you can spend more time outside enjoying your garden. They come into their own for those barbecues or evening events that carry on once the sun has gone down.

Our Infrared Wall Mounted Heaters use ceramic elements which gently heat family and friends underneath the canopy. The heaters rely on infrared radiation which is completely harmless and contains no ultraviolet radiation.

The heaters quickly reach their full operating temperature( within less than 10 minutes) and every unit is supplied has a two-year guarantee against faulty materials from the date of purchase.

These heaters are supplied in two sizes with either 2 or 3 heated elements for either medium or large heated areas

Simplicity Glass Room, high wycombeSize: Available in two sizes with a choice of different power outputs:

509mm x 100mm x 166mm – Choice of power:
0.8 kW (2x 400W quartz heater elements)
1.0 kW (2x 500W quartz heater elements)
1.3 kW (2x 650W quartz heater elements)

760mm x 99mm x 166mm – Choice of power:
1.5 kW (3x 500W quartz heater elements)
1.95 kW (3x 650W quartz heater elements)

Colour Options:
Black Ceramic Plates with a Black Body.
White Ceramic Plates with a Stainless Steel Body