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The Leka conservatory roof system is engineered using both modern technology plus extensive practical experience to create what we feel is the best conservatory roof system not just in High Wycombe, but in the World.

The Leka System is a truly lightweight tiled conservatory roof system (no smoke screens) and with an impressive overall U value of 0.15 it currently dominates our marketplace. We do not brand the new LEKA System as a lightweight energy efficient roof system, without having the facts to back it up, whilst subsequent competitor products actually weigh nearly double that of a traditional-glass conservatory roof and have lower U values.


GRP - glass reinforced plastic provides a structurally tested, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber for the structural roof rafters. GRP does not bring sweating, condensation or cold bridging in the way that aluminium can. Neither is it subject to rotting, wood worm or moisture absorption The Leka System Structural profiles we use in High Wycombe are manufactured to comply with BS EN13706.

Improved efficiency

Because the load bearing structural insulated and weatherproof outer sheet needs fewer roofing bars, they can be spaced further apart - reducing weight and boosting energy efficiency levels.

Truly lightweight

We offer a truly lightweight tiled conservatory roofing system. We don't call the new LEKA System as a lightweight roofing system without  having the facts  to  back  it up - other products/materials used locally (and indeed nationally) actually weigh nearly twice that of a traditional glass conservatory roof.

Better lifespan

We use either Metrotile lightweight sheet for the roof of your new sunroom or a Tapco slate alternative. Either way the product provides a better alternative than heavy tiles and is even lighter than traditional slates.