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Untraframe from BahamaConservaglass

The choice of a polycarbonate or glass roof is an important one when designing your new conservatory. You may want a material that allows maximum light into your new room and no doubt want heat from the sun deflected yet warmth from heating appliances retained.

This glass stays cleaner for longer, having a transparent coating bonded into the external surface of the glass, not sprayed on, using power from ultra-violet rays and rain to break down dirt and clean away. Conservaglass can be used for both your roof and side frames. It also keeps warmth in during winter and the sun's energy out in the summer.

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Features and benefits:

  • True self cleaning glass – easier to clean than standard glass
  • Very low *'U' value – excellent thermal performance in winter
  • Units are toughened and come with a silver spacer bar as standard, with white, gold and bronze also available.
  • Blocks approx. 60% of heat from the sun with excellent light transmission



Ultraframe Polyspan Optimum is a new polycarbonate that has the best solar control and can be treated to offer excellent thermal properties and solar protection. Available in blue or grey, with any Ultraframe roofing system.


U-Value – A measure of how well a material retains heat. The lower the figure, the more efficient at retaining heat internally