Verandas and canopies

veandas and canopiesBahama is the place to be for verandas and canopies - we offer an unbeatable service and a range of great value, high quality verandas. We can supply either standard canopies or custom design and make your entire veranda. Whatever your desire or aspiration, we can turn your outside area into your vision - complete to the last panel of glass and the last drop of concrete.

Veranda's turn a house and garden into a fashionable home - and give you all that extra space for you to work, play, entertain. live or just lie back and relax! They blur the boundary between outdoor and indoor living, and can even offer sliding glass walls, sun screens and blinds so you can create a living space that lets in the summer breeze during the stifling dog days, or protects you from too much British weather! accommodate roof blinds

Our verandas need no foundations or disturbance to your garden - and the benefits are, literally, sky high.



Veranda canopu beds, Oxon, Bucks, HertsVerandas come in a wide range of heights and sizes with either polycarbonate or glass roofs:

  • Widths of Xm up to Ym in ?m increments

  • Depths of Xm up to Ym in ?m increments.

  • Made to measure - Cut to your exact measurements from the standard sizes!


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